Criminal activity traced back to card processor outfit

If the POS credit card processing company you work with is criminal in nature, what does that say about all of the many clients they have, including you? There's a lot at risk at knowing and trusting the group that handles this important step of your business, and a recent bust that caught several involved in abuse of this service can show exactly how important this is. 

This case is one that Arizona Central recently reported on, describing how three men and one woman from East Valley are now thought to have been behind a scheme that saw millions of dollars obtained through their work with multiple companies.

In order to make sure that there's a reasonable and regulated system in place, your business may want to double and triple check the processors that it's using to make sure there's no chance of fraud.

Because these thieves were in businesses that processed the payment information of so many business holders, there was nothing stopping them from dipping into this vast collection of information and using it to steal and spend for themselves.

Even a processor company with a storied history that has earned a high level of reputation can have a few bad eggs inside the business looking to make the entire system less secure and everyone in it less trustworthy.

A business needs to know this, and by finding a credit card processor company that can be trusted through and through, the amount of people who are all wrapped up in the same network can be minimized. 

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