Cyber security important for companies in every industry

Cyber security is far from a being a problem that only the most tech savvy of companies need to deal with. As more corporate information and processes become digital , it becomes increasingly important for businesses to have the right security in place.

A recent Ponemon Institute survey found that 50 percent of CEOs say their company experiences an attack daily or hourly. On top of that, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. So far this year, there have been 343 breaches reported in the U.S., which is more than the entire year of 2006.

A recent article from Fast Company features a look at the reported incidents since 2004 that had selected losses greater than 30,000 records. While many of the "world's biggest data breaches" are companies like Facebook, Twitter, Sony and UbiSoft, attacks are not limited to tech heavy companies.

"While the biggest breaches involve consumer web companies, some of the other more common targets include retail, government and financial services companies that hold sensitive information, such as social security and credit card numbers," the article reads.

Other companies on the list include several banks, the State of Texas, TJ Maxx and TD Ameritrade. There are also countless examples of retailers that have been the victim of a hack over the last decade where POS software was targeted and sensitive information was stolen.

Every company that takes payment data from customers or processes credit card information needs to make sure it is safe at all times. This means updating existing software and staying current on the latest industry news.

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