Data security a deciding factor for POS

Any small business needs to pay specific attention to its POS security. While there are multiple benefits to using a POS, especially if you haven't before, PCI Council standards compliance is important for stronger transactions. Some attacks have grown so sophisticated that users might not even realize that anything suspicious has happened until long after the fact.

Consumers are often told to be aware of unusual activity during payment. Business owners may want to follow suit to start investigating possible hacks on their own. In a recent article for PC World, Lucian Constantin said that a prompt to re-enter a PIN on a keypad could actually be a way to steal data.

Also, while EMV cards do reportedly prevent against some kinds of fraud, Constantin said that these aren't immune from the "re-enter" hack, either. As a result, businesses can potentially put too much faith into the steps they've already taken.

Dark Reading recently spoke to Tod Beardsley of the security firm Rapid7 about the issues associated with magnetic stripe cards. For hotels, this could threaten not just credit card use but also hotel door locks.

"Often a magstripe reader is configured as a general-purpose device, so you can drop in commands to open a register, open a window, or download malware and install," Beardsley said. Speaking about hotel security. Beardsley also said "encryption will happen at some point, but today it's pretty much the same basic technology from the 1970s."

The credit card processor business owners rely on will give them assistance for handling large amounts of data while assuring security. Contact 911 Software for information about our software systems and help with integration and other support issues.

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