Debit vs. Credit: some things to expect

As a small business looking to take payments from shoppers of various backgrounds and payment styles, it's important to expect to see different cards than what you may normally encounter. A credit card payment processing solution that is adaptable to different wallets may be the key in encouraging new blood to spend time in your location. However, debit card spending is not uncommon. 

In fact, this article from the Telegraph details an effort by the European Commission to put a limit on fees for debit card transactions in that area at a lower rate than those for credit. That might be because the purchases made with debit will be coming straight from a consumer's personal account. This doesn't necessarily mean that they won't spend more money in your establishment, though: just that they could be behaving differently.

There are pros and cons to everything in life, and a piece from LowCards suggests what may be going through shoppers' minds when they use this method as opposed to credit. Knowing a little bit about this might help small businesses organize their own means of taking care of payments better.

For example, the piece suggests that because debit cards don't work toward a credit score, buyers should perhaps use them for larger things. But it doesn't advise anyone to align solely one way or the other.

Implementing credit card processing software can be a signal to your customer base that you want to take their patronage seriously and make them a regular part of your day, the way you could be a regular part of theirs.

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