Denver cab company battles drivers over credit card processing

Many small businesses are looking for different ways of doing business, and accepting credit cards is one way to do that. Consumers want to make a transaction in the manner that is most comfortable for them. While companies do not need to accommodate all of them, they run the risk of losing out on revenue by not accepting credit card, for example.

There are many different ways that this can be done and companies need to make sure they pick the best option for their specific needs and not what is on top of the market.

According to a recent article from the Denver Post, local cab company Metro Taxi is currently in a fight with its drivers over the company's credit card processing system. The drivers prefer to use third-party services like Square, which offers a lower processing fee.

The company originally reasoned that the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) required the company's card processing system. However, PUC spokesman Terry Bote said in the article that is not the case and the business has ulterior motives.

"My understanding of the issue is that drivers were using the third-party credit card processing without being logged on to the company's dispatch system, so the company had no way of tracking hours of service," Bote told the news source. "The company is using the credit card processing, which is somehow tied to the dispatch system, to track driver hours."

Metro general manager Kyle Brown is also interviewed in the article and acknowledged that there is confusion. He said there are ways to track drivers without the credit card system and it is already in use for riders that pay with cash. However, the use of the company owned credit card readers make it easier to keep records and assist with consumer questions and complaints.

"We are required to keep records of every trip," Brown said. "What we've noticed more and more lately is that we're unable to do that."

The system also helps drivers with scheduling and weekly lease fees as it can be deducted from each driver's credit balance, with the remaining funds put into a company issued payroll card. This eliminates weekly trips into the office.

Having the right card processing software and hardware is something that more organizations are looking into. It is critical that they purchase the right system from the beginning to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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