Department stores file lawsuit against Visa and MasterCard

Stores that operate at both a local and national franchise level can run into difficulties when it comes to negotiating with the fees put in place by card companies. When a large group of concerned point of sale brands move to fight against what could be the biggest trust-busting action of its kind, shops that depend on credit processing software to engage their customers are encouraged to take notice, as the results could have implications for the way Visa and other card companies operate in the future. 

While Visa and MasterCard contends with the original settlement, 17 retail chains are breaking away from it and filing a new suit of their own. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, this is part of an ongoing feud and the Electronic Payments Coalition has predicted this new development for some time, even as an additional sub-group has broken away from the first case as well.

Bloomberg also quoted the legal representatives of the plaintiff organizations, which include clothing brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and Macy's, as saying that the major card companies' policies are a continuous squeeze on them. Part of the problem also seems to be that the larger settlement is actually more lenient towards Visa and MasterCard and would prevent further action against them, or so the suing parties claim. 

"Plaintiffs have paid and continue to pay significantly higher costs to accept Visa-branded and MasterCard-branded credit and debit cards than they would if the banks issuing such cards competed for merchant acceptance," the lawyers said.

Point of sale credit card processing is a complicated but necessary process that can be assisted through the use of accredited, industry-recommended software and systems, despite major fee disputes. 

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