Discover offers new security measure for customers

It's something that has happened to all of us at one time or another — you're out having drinks or dinner with a few friends, only to leave your credit or debit card behind wherever you happen to be. If you go back only to discover that the restaurant doesn't have your card, you have to go through the process of cancelling it and being issued a new one from the bank.

This process is a pain to go through, but it is one that is entirely necessary to protect your finances and stop whoever might happen to find it from spending all of your hard-earned money. But now there is a new option, for those that have Discover cards. The company announced earlier this week a new security measure it is rolling out for its customers.

If you happen to misplace your credit card, you can take advantage of the new program, known as "Freeze It." Using this, customers can actually turn the card on and off from their smartphone or desktop whenever it goes missing. That way, should the card show back up at a later date, you can turn it back on and use the account once again.

This will be able to save people time and frustration when a card is misplaced, not to mention it can save the bank the money it would otherwise be spending to reprint and reissue cards to customers each year. It is an entirely preventative measure that equally benefits Discover as well as the people who bank with its credit cards.

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