Does mobile POS improve the customer experience?

First-timers to the Apple Store might very well mistake the Genius Bar at the back of most stores as the place where transactions take place. Little do some know that they have probably walked by five to 10 employees, with mobile POS devices in holsters, who could have processed their purchase on the spot. 

Apple is often responsible for trends that sweep through the business world, and this revolutionary departure from traditional point-of-sale locations is no different. A study by Constant Contact found that nearly 20 percent of the more than 1,300 small businesses it surveyed use mobile, tablet-based POS solutions.

"It's encouraging that a majority of small businesses recognize that their customers are relying more than ever on their mobile devices to find information, look for deals, and even to make purchases," Joel Hughes, Constant Contact's senior vice president of strategy and corporate development, told Retail Customer Experience earlier this month.

This survey follows news that Groupon will be entering the POS solution space with an iPad-based mobile POS. Square is making a similar push with its new Square Stand solution, which also uses an iPad as a POS device.

As merchants consider which POS solution will best promote a better customer experience, they also need to seek payment processing software that will adapt to any hardware solution. With each new POS solution comes a new, elevated risk of fraud, and without an intuitive software, payments will become a burden that a business owner should not otherwise have to manage.

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