European airline’s processing fees earn fines

Individual companies have a lot to consider when it comes to credit card processor fees, no matter if they're a walk-in convenience store or a major international service. While businesses are always seeking ways to stay "in the black" when it comes to payments, adding a fee that potentially seems unreasonable might draw complaints from users – or worse.

A recent case involving European airline Ryanair can be seen as a case in point. The Ireland-based company is known for offering cheap flights to cash-strapped travelers, but a recent addition of credit card fees to purchases made through its online services have garnered criticism from other countries, as well as hundreds of thousands of euro in fines.

The Netherlands leveled a fine at the company in March, and now Italian regulators have determined that the 2 percent fee charged by the company for card users was just one of the factors that made buying a ticket through the website confusing. Despite this, Ryanair officially opposes both decisions and is reportedly looking to combat these allegations, which it considers unjustified. 

In a statement quoted by Reuters, the president of the Italian consumer group Codacons said that providers are not making their processes easy for consumers.

"The commission costs for buying with credit cards are very high and are kept hidden by some airlines until the last moment," Rienzi said.

It is important for companies to make sure their fees are clearly described and issued in accordance with relevant laws. Different businesses will have different specific challenges in this area, but the users of POS payment processing can address this issue through diligent reviews and increased customer service, as well as the utilization of an efficient processing system. 

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