Evolving malware sets businesses on edge

Two recently uncovered malware strains have businesses in a number of industries on edge as it has become apparent how quickly the methods used by hackers are evolving.

According to an article at BankInfoSecurity, one piece of new malware compromises online browsing sessions, while another comes in the form of a malicious mobile application that infects SMS/text messaging features on Android smartphones. This particular app was actually available for download in the official Google Play app store, the news source reports.

More and more, companies are using point-of-sale systems that are integrated with standard, Web-connected computers, or even tablets running on iOS, Android or Windows platforms. Consequently, business owners must be aware of the risks associated with such setups.

An employee could easily stumble across a dangerous piece of malware while looking something up on the internet or quickly checking their email and opening up a message from a questionable source. Once that door is opened, it can be difficult to close it before something big and bad comes barreling through it.

Merchants should take a two-step approach to defending themselves against such attacks. First, work with an experienced POS card processing software vendor – one that offers regular technical support without a minefield of hidden charges waiting to hold you hostage when you need help the most.

Second, train your employees on best security practices when it comes to POS systems and internet use. The best IT solutions in the world won’t help if employees cause the problems from the inside.

POS systems and software must be equipped to safeguard customer payment information, and consumers will always hold the merchants responsible for that guarantee.

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