Factors beyond cost that impact POS decision making

While many retailers are looking to invest in a more sophisticated point of sale solution, company decision makers need to start looking at more than just the bottom line. While knowing the cost of the hardware, software and installation is certainly important, there are several other factors that need consideration. 

A recent article from Retail Info Systems News covered several additional things that could change the decision making process. The biggest one is ease of use. This is impacted by intuitiveness, flexibility and performance.

"All in all, the systems that are the easiest to use are effectively invisible," the article reads. "Your POS system is a tool and the extent to which that tool can get out of the way and allow your employees to do what they do best, which is make your customers happy, the more successful you'll be. So when you choose your next POS system, make sure it's easy to use. Your bottom line will thank you."

Companies also need to look into the training that will be required to get employees up to speed on the new system in a timely manner. A new POS system can become a centralized tool for companies that handled not only financial transactions but also inventory, reporting, loyalty programs and customer data, that it is a major disservice if workers do not know how to use it.

Quality companies that offer payment processing software also make sure they offer some kind of training and support service. This adds a level of confidence businesses need to make the investment.

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