FBI warns of increased malware attacks

This blog has been on top of all the latest developments of the Target POS breach since it broke nearly a month ago. The latest news does not paint a good picture.

A recent article from Reuters recapped a new three-page report that was distributed by the FBI last week. It was sent to retailers and warns them that "memory-parsing" malware attacks like the Target breach will be on the rise in the coming years.

The report makes the case that these viruses are available on the black market and in underground forum. With how successful it has been against major retailers like Target, Neiman Marcus and nearly 20 more over the last year, more criminals are shelling out money for their try at this kind of theft. It also means tech-savvy criminals may try to create their own version of the malware.

The report features comments from one IT security consultant that reviewed the report but was not authorized to speak officially.

"Everybody we work with in the retail space is scared to death because they don't have a lot of defenses to prepare against these types of attacks," the consultant said. "This is not just based on anybody saying 'This is going to happen.' This is based on statistical data that the FBI is seeing."

Protecting customer data and credit card payment software needs to be a top priority for any business. Security is the top challenge with any upgraded point of sale solution and this new report highlights how important it will be going forward.

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