Former NYC restaurant employee arrested for stealing credit card info

Business owners do their best to hire responsible and trustworthy employees, but unfortunately people don’t always live up to expectations. Threats to your customers’ credit card information can come from outside or they can come from within, making reliable payment processing software that much more important.

A former waiter at a popular New York City restaurant was arrested last week, charged with multiple counts of grand larceny and fraud, according to the New York Post. Jaiquan Ibraheem allegedly used a skimming device to steal the account numbers and security codes embedded in the magnetic strips of debit and credit cards belonging to more than 100 restaurant patrons. He then went on a shopping spree, spending roughly $126,000 in ill-gotten gains, sources told the newspaper.

According to the Gothamist, a popular local news site for happenings in New York City, Ibraheem has not worked at Kutsher’s Tribeca Restaurant since April 2012, but it is unclear as to whether he was fired or quit.

“Kutsher’s Tribeca has cooperated fully with a police investigation and subsequent arrest of a former employee who allegedly obtained credit card information from guests,” the company said in a press statement. “Kutsher’s Tribeca contacted the authorities as soon as they realized there may be an issue.”

With identity theft and credit card fraud rampant in today’s digital world, the paying public wants to give their business to companies that will protect their private information and offer them a secure means to purchase goods and services. While there will likely never be a way to completely account for the human aspect of criminal activity such as the alleged incident at Kutsher’s Tribeca, business owners can choose point of sale credit card processing software that helps safeguard the interests of their customers.

By using applications that offer detailed reports and analytics aimed at preventing fraudulent purchases, entrepreneurs can limit the opportunities for ne’er-do-wells to taint their companies’ public image by taking advantage of their patrons.

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