Four ways cloud-based POS systems are helping businesses today

Cloud-based POS systems have become increasingly popular since their conception, and for good reason. What once might have seemed like a flash in the pan has now fully taken hold as companies embrace noteworthy cloud-based benefits, some of which Business2Community recently summed up, saying, "Having your employees use an outdated cash register with limited functionality slows them down, whereas having a cloud-based POS makes their job faster and easier and can enable them to get more things done. (Plus, using a sleek POS system feels much better than a clunky cash register)." Investing in this new technology makes employees' lives easier, and consequently enhances the experience of the customer. 

Cloud-based systems not only appeal to on-site employees but helps management as well. Tech magazine Entrepreneur enumerates these management-centered features:

  • Accessibility: Cloud-based POS systems enable users to utilize apps that can access live sales data at any time. This greatly benefits business owners, since a key piece of managerial strategy is having direct, up-to-date knowledge of sales flow so that new methods can be created and implemented, and so the business can effectively react to changing retail climates and trends. 
  • Instant Updates: Maintaining a cloud-based POS system is much lower-maintenance than in-store systems, because upgrades are downloaded automatically. 
  • Security: Some of these upgrades will be up-to-date security requirements that business owners will want to waste no time implementing. In the next few years, it is expected that credit card companies will require businesses to switch to cloud-based systems to reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Cost: Cloud-based systems such as the one provided by 911 Software, Inc. acts on a one-time fee, which includes free updates and support. This practice comes as a response to the maintenance and renewal fees charged by traditional systems. 

In short, taking the time to update your software and secure the best technology for your employees can literally end up paying dividends both by increasing employee efficiency and morale and also by providing business owners with up-to-date knowledge and security systems at a reasonable cost. 

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