Fraud perpetrators using stolen data for spending binges a possible nightmare for shoppers

Keeping a credit card reader on hand is still essential to the modern retail-level business. Though we may hear of alternate methods that are arising, POS card processing remains a leader in the way purchases are made in stores. However, not only is duplication and the theft of card information still a major problem, the manner in which thieves appropriate the numbers of others is always alarming. In some cases it's a simple case of an unauthorized series of payments, but a few recent stories show us instances of criminals using cards to indulge themselves at the expense of their victims. 

In Florida, three women are reported as having broken into another woman's car and stolen her purse, using her credit cards to make a string of purchases. Some of the fraudulent charges did not go through, but one of those that did was allegedly more than $100 spent at a nail salon. It can be especially terrifying for users when damage like this occurs before they are able to cancel their cards.

Another example can be seen in the Pittsburgh area, in which a man recently used a stolen card to rack up purchases at a few different chain stores.

What can a merchant do to combat the potential for fraud? 

These cases both involved the physical theft of cards, which can be harder to guard against. However, security checks can be put in place to help reduce the amount of incidents where cards are fall into the hands of people other than the owners of the account. Users of card processing software can also be wary of the potential hacks that threaten card readers, including any device or protocol that might be able to record the information on a person's card.  

Whether it's done through traditional or more high-tech means, wrongful card use should be a big concern for all involved in transactions and gives one more reason to seek out more trusted processing systems. 

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