Genesco and Visa in ongoing lawsuit

Retail-level businesses can potentially find themselves in heated situations with card providers regarding best practices, proper use of fines, and PCI council regulations, among other things. While Visa fights an ongoing interchange fee suit from several associated businesses, one particular retail store has its own legal dispute with the company.

The company in question is apparel provider Genesco, Inc., which originally challenged Visa this past March. According to USA Today, when Genesco suffered a breach three years ago, Visa charged the company more than 13 million dollars, allegedly for not keeping up with industry security standards.

The retailer has denied these allegations and claims that not enough information exists to prove that this breach damaged enough parties to warrant the fines in the first place. And the company also reportedly claims that Visa's standards allowed for card data to be sent unencrypted, according to a piece in Computer World.

One reason users of credit card processing might want to keep an eye on the development of this case is the potential ramifications, which could effect the way interactions between the different entities involved are conducted in the future. Analyst Avivah Litan recently told Computer World that the argument against Visa's fines could prove a difficult one.

"Visa is legally allowed to set its own rules – however arbitrary they are – because it is a voluntary system, and retailers don't 'have' to accept Visa cards," she said. 

Maintaining standards that best follow existing PCI council decisions can be difficult in situations where companies do not agree with each other. Employing secure and efficient credit card processing systems can be one way of keeping up with known regulations and potentially reducing the risk of future conflicts.

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