Handling customer mishaps with a smooth POS system

We've looked at several examples of credit card fraud initiated by an outside criminal, but card mishaps can also be the results of in-store accidents. When something like this arises, staff need to be ready to respond and keep visitor satisfaction high. An easy-to-use credit card processor may reduce the amount of time it takes to clear up problems, helping the company's reputation.

CreditCards.com recently compiled a list of firsthand stories about credit card interactions gone wrong. One of the people included in this article was Jim Angleton of the financial consulting company Aegis FinServ.

According to the source, Angleton received the wrong credit card by mistake after using a restaurant, and didn't notice until he tried to pay his bill with it at an entirely different establishment. Fortunately for him, the staff were able to resolve the situation quickly, leaving Angleton feeling relieved.

For business owners, canceling wrong transactions and processing the right ones may take a reliable credit card software. There are multiple things to look for when finding the right solution: In addition to PCI DSS compliance, owners need to consider the risk level for customer information.

A guide from Visa recommends that restaurants in particular establish best practices early on for best results. This includes working closely with staff to discourage insider fraud and encouraging awareness of the proper Merchant Category Code. Incorporating newer payment systems can also help businesses meet customer expectations and keep the amount of time needed to resolve disputes down to a minimum.

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