Has Target set a new standard for POS security?

One of the biggest questions in the aftermath of the Target breach has been what the ripple effects would be for retail industry as a whole. This is one of the largest and most reported on security breaches ever recorded and it could serve as a major boost for how businesses handle their point of sale security and credit card processing practices.

A recent article from MarketWatch examined this question more deeply. According to FBR analyst Scott Valentin, U.S. networks are now better equipped to handle the changes that need to happen to the point of sale system than those in Europe.

"The Target decisions have set the bar for the entire industry," Valentin said. "Consumers can expect a flurry of changes over the next two years as the payments system is made more secure. Or less insecure."

The article goes on to make the case that a cloud-based POS system could be the best way to go. This kind of approach eliminates the need to make expensive equipment purchases. It will also make it easier to incorporate a secure mobile payment solutions that retailers need to market their products and provide a return on investment instead of raising expenses. This will be a major step for small retailers.

The POS landscape is changing, and businesses need to start getting onboard. With the help of a credit card payment processor, any retailer can start taking steps into the future. If they do not do so now, there is a good chance they will be forced to before too long.

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