Help your customers out with holiday shopping by keeping them informed

While it's a necessity for your company to be properly prepared when it comes to the holiday shopping rush, it's even more important that you keep a mind toward policies that might be best for your customers and help expand your reach without scaring people away.

Themed offerings of different kinds can be one way to achieve this, but since many retailers and other shops can bank on a heavy flow of buyer traffic this season, what they need is a credit card processing system that acknowledges how these consumers are likely to act.

And since many modern shoppers may be smart and reading articles like a recent release featured on CNNMoney, the decisions you make might come under more scrutiny. This piece warns customers away from stores that have their own special cards on offer, including packages meant to entice them while they're in the midst of their buying frenzy.

The real concern there is that consumers will get stuck with deferred interest loans they don't want or really understand. As a provider of services that's being trusted with your customer's financial information, both the card payment processor you use and the other incentives designed to drive people toward it need to be better understood.

CardHub CEO Odysseas Papadimitriou was frank about the way that customers approach this situation.

"We all know that too few people truly read the fine print of financial agreements, which means most folks won't find out that they have signed up for deferred interest until their costs are suddenly inflated," he said.

As a company that is advertising itself as accepting cards, you need to expect that many will take delight in the knowledge that their payment methods will be accepted at your location and are not going to be turned away by your vendors. But on that note, the measures you take need to be responsible.  

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