Hilton Worldwide attacked by hackers

Recent reports indicate that hackers are attacking companies, particularly retailers, with a new wave of malware this holiday season. They have reason to be excited as more people completed their holiday shopping online between 2014 and 2015 than ever before. However, retailers aren't the only ones being hit.

Over the past year, a slew of hotel and resorts have been attacked by major malware-driven credit card breaches. A couple of weeks ago, Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide were hit, along with 50 Sheraton and Westin Locations. Just last October, The Trump Hotel Collection was possibly hacked, as reported by KrebsOnSecurity.

Now Hilton Worldwide faces the wrath of hackers.

In a press release, Hilton Worldwide assured customers and shareholders the company has not only recognized the situation that took place over a 17-week period but quickly took steps to mitigate damage and reboot and strengthen its systems.

"Hilton Worldwide has identified and taken action to eradicate unauthorized malware that targeted payment card information in some point-of-sale systems," the company said. "Hilton immediately launched an investigation and has further strengthened its systems."

Hilton continued by stating its investigation included working closely with professionals to find out exactly what was stolen.

"Hilton Worldwide worked closely with third-party forensics experts, law enforcement and payment card companies on this investigation, and determined that specific payment card information was targeted by this malware," the company said. "This information includes cardholder names, payment card numbers, security codes and expiration dates, but no addresses or personal identification numbers."

The company didn't state specifically how many Hilton locations were affected and whether it was contained to only point-of-sale devices.

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