Holiday season highlights need for POS security

The topic of "Dexter," (the malware not the television show) has been a major area of conversation in the retail world for the better part of a year. It rose to prominence last holiday season and versions of it have been popping up in point of sale systems across the globe.

According to a recent article from security blog Threat Post, Dexter has been steady in Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, while another version, called Project Hook, is taking hold in the United States.

Both incarnations attack point of sale systems by getting installed into files hosted on Windows servers before scraping credit card numbers as they are processed by the machine.

The piece also features an interview with Arbor Networks senior research analyst Curt Wilson. He mentioned that just last month, two new Dexter servers were found that had infected 533 endpoints call back to the command and control infrastructure. Because of the time of year, POS security is crucial.

"With the holidays, there's going to be more POS activity and a higher volume of transactions. Now would be a good time to fortify security," Wilson said. "The basics should cover this. There are IDS signatures written for this malware, and there are indicators of compromise floating around; basic antimalware should catch the process-injection techniques used here."

With the help of a payment solution provider, any organization can be sure that credit card processing is secure from the latest forms of attacks being used by the criminal element.

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