Holiday shopping season crucial time for merchants

Businesses are already aware of the importance of the holiday shopping season when it comes to the final sales numbers of the year. However, it also presents an amazing opportunity to create new and recurring business. This is because during this time of the year, people are entering stores that they have never been in before as they are on the lookout for a specific item on their shopping list.

This is increasingly important as the end of the year shopping season seems to be getting longer and longer. Anyone that has walked into a mall or department store since Halloween has passed is well aware of the Christmas music playing and the North Pole Village setup for children's photos with Santa.

The idea of a multiple month Holiday shopping season is far older than most people believe. A recent Slate article features an advertisement from 1912 that urges consumers to hit the stores in October. However, it goes even further back than that

"Like so many of our retailing habits, early shopping dates back to the late Victorians," the article reads. "Along with inventing cash registers, mail-order cataloguers and escalator-filled flagship stores, the Victorians also discovered the value of starting the Yuletide shopping season before Thanksgiving."

The final three months of the year play a major role in the success of merchants. Retailers need to ensure their credit card processing equipment and POS software is up to the challenge that comes with the busiest shopping season the year and a payment solution provider can ensure that.

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