How future deadlines could affect convenience store card processing

One of the issues within the EMV transition for stores has been the shift in liability for issues of card fraud. For those businesses that haven't addressed this yet, 2017 offers another point of possible concern.

According to an EMV timeline Visa released, the conversion process in general began last October with the adoption deadline. Next October, the liability shift will affect ATM's and fuel dispensers. However, the source noted that it doesn't apply in all cases, as the current liability rules still hold for card-not-present transactions, among other things. Under standard rules, merchants are still not liable for counterfeit transactions if a chip card is used at an activated chip-friendly terminal in their store.

Convenience store and gas station owners can spend the time until the new deadline determining the best way to adapt to changing rules before they take effect. Convenience Store News recently quoted Wayne Fueling Systems' Product Technical Leader Tim Weston on the deadline, which he believes will stay firm. "There is no interest on the part of [credit card] companies to extend the date because they have to pay the bill [for fraud] longer," he said at a recent panel at a summit hosted by his company, as this source noted.

"A number of retailers need to decide if they want to be early or late adopters," Weston added, referring to the possible complications associated with these new liability rules. "Some won't meet the deadline because they may not have the fraud profile of others."

Updating credit card processing software may leave businesses on a more even footing to address new changes in the industry. Merchants should contact 911 Software to start finding the products that are best for their systems.

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