How the cloud will impact the future of retail

There is no question that the business landscape is evolving. The cloud has become one of the hottest trends in business and it isn't just affecting the office realm, but many other sectors including retailers.

A recent article from Entrepreneur Magazine examined the effect that the cloud will have on the future of the retail realm more closely.

"The scope of change in the retail industry is stunning," the article reads. "New web-based, cloud-hosted software-as-a-service solutions are making data available in real time and are poised to unite the digital and physical retail environments, disrupting the retail landscape."

The article goes on to examine several specific ways that the industry will be changing in the years to come because of the cloud.

These include:

Access to real-time data – This happens in two ways. Not only are sales professionals able to access the most up-to-date information on the floor to help the customer experience and answer questions, but managers are also able to see all trends as they happen.

Tracking progress – In many cases in the retail world, everything comes down to competition and numbers. Sales professionals are not only trying to beat their own numbers, healthy competition between those on the floor can help improve sales. This also happens between stores and markets. With the cloud, all of this information is tracked in real time.

The cash register – Using a cloud infrastructure opens the door to a better use of mobile devices for the purpose of using them as a cash register.

The cloud will be playing a big role in the future of many organizations and retail will be no different. From sales reporting to POS card processing, change is coming and businesses need to be ready for it.

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