HP’s annual Cyber Risk Report predicts 2015 security issues

HP recently released its annual Cyber Risk Report, investigating the security troubles that plagued 2014 and predicting the ones that will affect companies and consumers in 2015.

Here are the report's major findings:

  • Breaches are growing in severity: The Target and Home Depot breaches showed Americans just how serious the issue of cybersecurity really is, and the need for safer protocols when it comes to retail point of sale. The report also pointed out that many breaches were active for months before IT teams discovered a vulnerability.
  • Consumers are growing weary: Consumers are suffering from news cycle fatigue, because there have been so many security failures within the last few years. The Target attack received a great deal of attention from the press, while later breaches were granted less coverage. Declining interest in and press coverage of hacks could put the consumer in greater danger, leaving them ignorant of potential breaches and vulnerabilities.
  • Mobile malware is growing: Hackers are using mobile malware as their latest gain in the field, taking advantage of the handheld devices some consumers now use to access financial information and even make online purchases.

The reported concluded on a positive note, asserting that "with increased cooperation and a thorough understanding of the imminent threats, we can continue to increase both physical and intellectual costs an attacker must spend to successfully exploit a system."

If your concerned about your business' security, try upgrading your credit card payment processor. With a sophisticated point of sale system, you can rest assured that you've done everything in your power to protect both your customers and your company from hacking attempts and credit fraud.

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