iPhone 5s fingerprint hack highlights need for multiple security platforms

Whenever a new technology hits that market, there is going to be a group of cyber criminals and thrill hackers who try to breach it. This is especially true if one of the major selling points of the technology is a security feature.

Last week Apple launched the iPhone 5s, which features a fingerprint scanner for improved security when it comes to unlocking the device or authorizing payments. This immediately turned it into a target for all the hackers and security experts.

Almost immediately after launch, several IT professionals created a Website to pool together over $16,000 in cash plus other prizes to the first person or group that could post a video of them hacking the scanner. In just a few days, claims were coming in of a hack and in less than a week, it was done.

In a recent ZDnet article, technology professional Ed Bott argued that this development should not be too concerning for companies.

"Regardless of the platform you're using, high-value data should never be secured by a single factor," the article reads. "You're in pretty good shape if you insist on a successful fingerprint identification combined with a strong passcode (more than a simple four digits) and a device that's been registered with the network. If you're a thief and you can successfully combine all those factors, congratulations. You should be in a John Le Carré novel."

This idea should be used for any system. If you are a merchant, your cash register solution should have multiple security protocols including POS software.

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