Is 2014 the ‘Year of POS Attacks?’

The POS system has been under fire in recent months because of several high profile breaches that have had affected millions of customers. This has put a spotlight on the need for improved security.

According to a recent article from Digital Journal, point of sale attacks are spiking in 2014, dubbing it the "Year of POS Attacks." What this means is that organizations cannot wait for the stars to align to upgrade their POS systems. Instead they need to get proactive and upgrade outdated systems.

Tom Cross, the Director of Security Research at Lancope, told the news source that POS terminals have become easy targets when they are connected to the Internet. This is why having the right POS software has increased in popularity over the last few years.

"In the past year, we know that POS malware was used in much more sophisticated attacks against larger, better defended retail establishments," Cross said. "This process mirrors what we expect to see with other kinds of embedded systems associated with the 'Internet of Things.'"

Essentially what he is saying is that criminals are getting smarter. Companies that continue to use the "low hanging fruit" of the direct-connect POS systems are only doing themselves a disservice. This has made 2014 the year of POS software.

By partnering with an experienced POS software provider, any organization will be able start adopting the right systems. Whether it is improved credit card processing software or a cloud based infrastructure, there are several upgrades available for merchants that want to improve their point of sale security.

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