Is a mobile payment option in the future for businesses?

Point of sale technology has evolved rapidly over the last few years. Some systems, like using tablets and smartphones as a cash register, have experienced significant adoption. Others, however, have been met with much talk, but little action.

One of these is the ability to pay with a mobile device at the POS system through an App or by scanning a QR code on the screen. This is a concept known as the digital wallet, and while companies like Google and PayPal are creating apps and trying to push adoption, it has been scarce overall.

In a recent article from Forbes, Steven Bertoni decided to conduct an experiment to see if he could live a day in New York City with just a digital wallet. He left the cash and credit cards at home and was able to successfully make it through a work day, commuting to his job without his car and eating out for several meals.

However, there were some setbacks. Because the Metro does not support mobile payments, taking the subway was out of the question so he used the Uber car service app. Not knowing what businesses would accept it, he used the search feature of the PayPal and Square apps to find nearby businesses. One such establishment was shocked a customer was using it.

"I checked in with the Square app and walked out with a green tea," Bertoni wrote. "The cashier had been excited when I paid with Square, saying he always wanted to check someone out with the wireless feature: 'You're only like the second guy to ever pay this way.'"

He was also able to find a deal for a free lunch and got a free round of drinks through the PayPal app as the company is pushing adoption. At the bar for drinks, the PayPal app was able to synch with the bar's POS system, meaning he was able to check his bill in real-time as well as pay and tip directly from the app without needing to get the attention of the bartender.

Despite these perks there were just not enough options for Bertoni to suggest consumers to adopt this as a daily payment option. However, that doesn't mean companies should ignore the solution. Now is the perfect time to invest in the right payment processing software that will be able to support current credit card payment hardware and will be able to handle mobile options.

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