Keeping credit card processors secure in the future

Those merchants unfortunate enough to see their credit card processing software somehow compromised in a Denial of Service attack or other kind of sabotage may turn to patches or industry provided solutions to correct the vulnerabilities. However, a recent interview with Professor Eugene Spafford of Purdue University conducted by Information Security Media Group, suggests that this attitude is part of a risky approach to the way online security is understood.

Among other things, Spafford discussed the limitations of different conceptions of online security, and the possible advantages that may arise as technology becomes less expensive. The interview was also a discussion with a fellow interviewee, Ron Ross, a fellow of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, who also contributed notions regarding cyber-attacks and virtualization.

Spafford also mentioned the current practice of locating professionals to help increase cybersecurity by recruiting hackers, saying that this is another short-term solution.

"We're going to have a whole lot of people out there in 10 years who got their jobs and were really, really good at finding and exploiting problems in Windows and Linux, but have no idea how to build a new system that's a successor to the cloud systems or to operate the security in these because they've never had the background," he said.

While the path forward can seem uncertain to stores employing point of sale credit card processing, it may be beneficial to such business owners to follow these types of discussions as they unfold in order to identify the viability of the cloud and other issues tied to present-day events.  

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