Kickback-Based Payment Processing

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Data shows card payments are increasing in favor among consumers worldwide, putting the onus on merchants to secure effective payment processing capabilities. However, it’s important that, when selecting any new credit card processing software, businesses aim for solutions that offer flexibility and affordability.

Finding such a solution can be difficult, particularly given the realities of the payment processing market. It is not uncommon for software dealers to arrange revenue-sharing agreements – also known as kickback-based payment processing – with processor providers. This type of model often ends up costing the end-user – the merchant – more money in the long-run, hindering their flexibility when adopting new technology.

Retailers who work with C9PG can rest assured that, when they implement our Cloud9 Payment Processing Gateway, they will not be subject to hidden fees related to revenue sharing or other similar strategies. At 911 Software, we have made a commitment to transparency and honesty with our customers, and as a result, we do not require them to pay transaction fees or special surcharges.

Complete payment processing costs discovery:

How kickback-based payment processing restricts merchant flexibility

Our Cloud9 Payment Gateway is compatible with any processing service on the market, whether merchants seek to work with a major processor or an Independent Service Organization (ISO). That means 911 Software customers enjoy maximum power of choice – something that is not always afforded to those who seek services elsewhere.

The kickback-based payment processing strategy, for example, can limit flexibility. A software dealer who has arranged a revenue-sharing agreement with a particular processor can expect to receive a certain percentage of the revenue from each new client, and as a result, may require its own customers to open accounts with that partner processor.

Merchants often unwittingly shoulder the costs of these arrangements, as software dealers may inflate processing costs for a new client to sponsor the revenue-sharing kickback. For end-users, this means higher prices through hidden costs, and an inability to select a payment processor that best suits their business.

c9PG eliminates kickback-based payment processing

At C9PG, we believe customers should be fully informed regarding credit card payment processing costs, which is why we do not require the type of hidden fees or vague surcharges that support revenue agreements like kickback-based payment processing.

Instead, we have built Cloud9 Payment Gateway to be compatible with any merchant account or processing provider, eliminating the middleman arrangements that lead to inflated costs. We charge a low one-time fee for implementation, with no recurring fees or additional charges.

This is the best way to ensure the absolute lowest cost of ownership for credit card payment payment processing software. With CreditLine powering your point-of-sale processing, your business is poised for effective card acceptance at an affordable price.

Contact us today to learn more about optimizing your merchant services.

c9PG was developed by some of the most innovative minds in the payment processing industry. The founders behind 911 Software were also responsible for the industry’s first Windows-based POS system as well as the first real-time two-way data synchronization engine for large chains. Their perspective and experience fuels the expertise of our development team, which can and consult on and lead implementation projects of any size.

Reach out to our experts today to learn more about how 911 Software can add value to your point-of-sale processes with credit card acceptance software that is a cut above industry competition. Our commitment to optimal customer service and practical solutions is a major reason why we have helped more than 30,000 clients worldwide and maintain a sterling 98 percent satisfaction rate. 

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