Knowing common user complaints can benefit your business

Back in March of this year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) disclosed its study of common consumer complaints. Businesses employing credit card payment processors can help reduce some common fears and anxieties by assuring their customers that their payment data is in good hands and that these issues may be avoided.

Out of the 90,428 complaints in its database, which include credit cards problems that date back to December 2011, more than 19,000 are specifically credit-card related, which makes up about 21 percent of the total, second only to mortgages.

And while the source of many of these types of complaints may be out of a merchant's control, such as the late fees levied by card companies, at least one category can be enforced: identity theft, which accounted for nearly ten percent of card worries and ranked fourth out of the "top ten." Billing complaints made up the largest category, though, and these can also involve customers being unclear as to merchants' policies.  

A report  described as a "snapshot" was also released for that month and explained some of the larger context behind these grievances.

"Some consumers realize only after their claim has been denied that they needed to notify their credit card companies within 60 days of any billing errors," this report reads. "In other cases, consumers are not aware that companies typically do not stop a merchant charge once the cardholder has authorized it or do not override a merchant's 'no-return policy.'"

Using this kind of information, businesses of all sizes can seek out POS credit card processors that make security and clarity easy and keep them out of any complaints themselves.   

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