Local incidents of credit card fraud highlight importance of processor security

The world of card payment processors has seen a wealth of instances of fraud and misuse in recent years, and it is understandable for merchants to be wary about the systems they use. It's a bit of a thorny situation for retailers and those in sales to deal with, as they attempt to reconcile the necessity of providing card-based transactions while reducing their vulnerability to outside manipulations. Not all such examples are nationally-reported catastrophes, and a few recent cases that occurred on a more local level can help us to understand the importance of reducing these incidents through the use of trusted providers of card processing software.  

For instance, in Texas, Houston-area ABC news reported a raid on a home for a supposed group of criminals making false credit cards, though the investigation had not released many specific details as of last Friday. At this point, the case seems relatively simple, but the range of the fraud seems to have spread across multiple counties.

In Allston, Massachusetts, there have reportedly been several reports of compromised credit card information, many of which seem to focus on Blanchard's Liquor, a community fixture. The store's manager reportedly mentioned that the complaints may have something to do with the processors being employed to handle credit card information. Again, not many details have been made available, but according to Boston.com, this situation appears to have been "resolved."  

Whether it's a sophisticated duplication scheme or simply a breach of a vendor's card system, the capabilities of a provider can get called into serious question when a problem like this becomes known. This is just one of the many reasons Point of Sale users are encouraged to put trust and security checks at the top of the list of priorities when planning and organizing their means of accepting payment.

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