Local NY supermarket suffers credit security breach

With big chains like Target and Home Depot building up their security after attacks, smaller businesses are now the targets of hackers looking to steal customer information.

The Ardsley, NY branch of DeCicco's Family Markets, a local supermarket chain with 10 locations, suffered a credit card breach last week. The attack was discovered when several customers contacted the store about suspicious activity on their cards. When staff members later found similar charges on their personal cards, they knew their system was compromised.

"There was a glitch in the credit card processing software that allowed hackers to access the information while it was on the way to the processor," DeCicco's legal clerk Danielle Thomas told local news outlets. "The hacker was able to get the numbers on the front of the card, but not the pin numbers or expiration dates."

The security gap has since been located and fixed, and owners told local news that they've further upgraded their systems after going through a "crash course" in online security.

Owners are still investigating the extent of the breach. Right now they are unsure if other locations were affected and how many total customers were subject to the attack. Local police have opened and investigation and the company posted an advisory on their Facebook page urging customers to check their accounts.

CBS New York is reporting that customers are being refunded for fraudulent charges and that this breach would not have been possible had embedded chip card, which creates a transaction specific pin, been in use at the store.

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