Maintaining your ability to accept payments no matter the circumstances

Merchants just like you work hard to engage customers, bring them into your storefront and capture sales. There's plenty of time and effort involved in every aspect of managing your business and convincing customers to make purchases. The last thing you want to deal with is a situation where a customer who is ready, willing and able to pay for a purchase can't do so because your card processing software can't connect to the internet and complete the transaction.

How can businesses deal with this potentially frustrating situation that can easily lead to both lost sales and upset shoppers? A payment processing software that can securely capture payment details and store them until the connection is re-established is a major benefit.

Store and Forward keeps businesses running smoothly

"Store and Forward means your business can always accept payments."

When your payment solution can't connect to the internet, there's no convenient or effective way to immediately process a payment and send a customer on his or her way. The alternatives are simply to say you can't make the sale, or have credit card payment software in place that can pass the information along, maintaining informational security throughout the process, once the connection is restored.

In many ways, this is an easy decision for merchants to make. There's no reason to turn down a shopper's intended purchase and send them away empty-handed if an alternative is in reach. Store and Forward is just such an option, one important element of the many advantages 911 Software offers to the businesses with which it partners.

The functionality is simple – the information necessary to process the payment is held until it can be sent along – but its value can't be overlooked. Whether there's a technical issue for your business or internet service provider, a partial power outage, or a physical problem with a hardwired connection, modem or router, Store and Forward keeps revenue coming in and customers happy.

This simple addition to credit card processing software provides an immediate benefit and, perhaps more importantly, a sense of security. Knowing your business can always accept payments – and do so regardless of nearly any other external factor – means resting assured in your ability to confidently complete transactions. It also means sending customers out the door with their purchases in hand and smiles on their faces.

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