Majority of retailers not ready for POS change

There are many industry experts that have made the declaration that the traditional point of sale solutions are in their final days. This is easy to see as systems like mobile and the cloud have become more popular while streamlining operations. But are retailers getting behind this trend?

Recently, Retail Info Systems News conducted a survey of retailers that focused on the current and future POS landscape. The numbers show that 33 percent of merchants believe they are in the process or planning to deploy their last traditional POS system. However, 54 percent said it was "too early to tell" if they were ready to shift away and 13 percent said they have no plans to even consider a shift.

"Today's POS conducts billions of dollars in transactions every day, serves shoppers and retailers reliably, and sends data to dozens of enterprise applications in near-real time or, at the very least, every night," the article reads. "So why would retailers want to change an IT system so rock-solid and central to the financial health of their businesses?"

There are a couple of reasons to make an upgrade: keeping up with customer expectations, improved operations and looming industry shifts like the EMV/chip-and-PIN mandate from credit card companies, among others.

Regardless of how much retailers resist the pressures to move away from a traditional POS and credit card payment processor, there are changes coming that are unavoidable. Merchants need to not be afraid of these changes and instead embrace them. This can be easier with the help of an experience POS solution provider.

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