Mandatory credit card processing coming for cabs in D.C.

After months of negotiations, the effort to bring credit card processing systems to taxi cabs in Washington, D.C. seems to have finally reached something of a conclusion, as the area's Taxicab Commission has announced a deadline for incorporating card readers into all area taxis. As this blog has previously stated, part of what makes these sorts of regulations so delicate is the way all systems have to accommodate to costs and fees. But the fact that this is seeing implementation proves the strength of the desire of anchoring common transactions to card payment setups.

Though it will reportedly cost an average of more than $900 for each cab in order for this practice take place, the starting fee for all cab rides is going to go up by .25 cents, according to the Washington Post. This increase, however, is arguably balanced out by the elimination of some other proposed charges, although the extra-rider charge will still be put into effect, with a dollar per person added to the overall cost for each trip that sees more than one rider.

The timeline established by the commission should see processing equipment appear in licensed vehicles by May 31, with cabs required to become compliant by the end of this August.

Wide-ranging adoption of credit card readers can be a complex process, especially when it is brought into a sector that hasn't used this technology previously, and it's vital that proper decisions are made to help mitigate costs and increase overall efficiency. Merchants that take the steps to do so, however, can look forward to a broader market for their particular services, as long as they foster a good relationship with the provider of their particular software.

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