Merchants can brush up on their cyber security lingo with updated glossary

A business owner may take every step to safeguard the means by which they are processing credit card payments and still be dangerously out of the loop when it comes to protecting the online transmission of a cardholder's payment information. How? It could come down to a simple lack of familiarity with basic concepts and phrases, the sort of terms thrown around casually by experts that might prove disorienting. 

Fortunately for those confused parties, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has published an updated version of its Glossary of Security Terms, a 220+ page document accessible online that details official definitions that both veteran business operators and those new to card processing software might find valuable, especially considering the amount of jargon present in so many discussions of online security.

The terms listed range from the familiar (most internet users these days are aware of what a "cookie" is) to acronyms for organizations, offices and practices that might impact members at different levels of a cyber-transaction. Every entry in it stems from a previously existing document, and the introduction directs readers to an online resource where they can expect future updates.

Many of the common threats to POS card processing software that this blog has previously discussed are mentioned, including skimming, Trojan Horses and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. While fundamental, knowledge of these can be the building blocks to understanding the more complex means by which "adversaries" (as the document calls them) may harm your business.


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