Miami man arrested for massive credit card fraud operation

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A man in Miami-Dade county was arrest last week, accused of running a massive credit card fraud operation.

Local and federal officials raided the home of Terry Pierre Louis on suspicions of credit card fraud. Officers discovered over 200 blank credit cards, a manual credit card embossing machine and other equipment all used to create falsified credit cards.

"They pretty much have the main components you need to re-encode credit cards and to counterfeit credit cards," detective Marcos Rodriguez of the Miami-Dade Police told NBC Miami.

The majority of the cards found were Visa prepaid gift cards, which were turned into what resembled actual credit cards using the other equipment found.

"How they make their money is not just by credit card numbers, they have to turn it into something tangible," Rodriguez said.

The most interesting part about the whole situation was that the warrant issued for Louis had nothing to do with credit card fraud, but when officials went into the home, they knew they uncovered something bigger.

"This is a significant find," Rodriguez said.

Louis was not home and is still at large. In addition to the credit card paraphernalia, police found Claude Junior Etienne, who was subsequently arrested on multiple charges, including credit card forgery, possessing equipment to make credit cards and possession of a firearm or ammunition by a convicted felon. Etienne was previously arrested and convicted of armed burglary and grand theft in November of 2005. 

In addition to the credit card items, officers seized money and a stolen gun.

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