Mobile could hold the key for restaurant POS

Greater mobile options are expanding the ways retail businesses can handle credit transactions. The San Jose Mercury News recently looked at the specific impact of iPads in this sector, with restaurants of different sizes turning to them for support. The tablets offer multiple solutions for business owners in a single package, and may represent a continuing change in the industry that drives more developments.

Though the article focused on iPad sales, it also referred to similar devices from Android and Windows that can offer some of the same benefits. iPads are just the most visible device in this movement, offering cloud-based processes for businesses that once relied on traditional cash registers.

This might also dictate a greater focus on business iPad use for developers who need applications to meet professional standards in a mobile environment. From the merchant's perspective, mobile and cloud solutions still need to meet basic operational standards.

The National Restaurant Association features a list of eight important considerations for choosing a card processor, including an emphasis on strong customer support.

"Because so many of your customers use debit and credit cards, any problem that prevents or delays transactions at your point of sale can be catastrophic," the article states. "Beyond your issues with revenue, your customers might leave dissatisfied. Be sure that your card processor offers live support all day every day." The same site also recommends appropriate fraud and transaction monitoring to respond quickly to any threats to customer payment data.

Fortunately, customer service and high retention rates are some of the defining traits of 911 Software. As you can see on our About Us page, we care about satisfying our customers and will work hard to guarantee best implementation and use. 

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