Mobile payments continue push into the retail landscape

The idea of running your entire life through a smartphone is becoming more of a reality every day. There are already several tasks like paying bills, checking bank accounts, using email, staying connected, finding our way around and researching that can all be done through a mobile device. On top of this, many tech companies are pushing to transition our health monitoring, turning off the lights and even payments at the cash register to be handled through these devices.

A recent article from Wired interviewed Leslie Berland, the head of digital partnerships and development at American Express. Her job is to kill the plastic credit card and find a way for the digital version that is stored on your smartphone to be become the dominant form of retail credit card processing.

The problem is that this is a great idea that has yet to take hold. For tech companies, it has become the "white whale." Google has tried a digital wallet that went nowhere, Apple has mainly stayed out of the conversation and many companies like Starbucks have their own payment applications. But that isn't stopping companies from trying.

"A company like American Express has every reason to want things to stay as they are," the article reads. "But if it's willing to concede its core product's days are numbered, it has a chance of beating the Apples and Googles of the world in the race to redefine payment tech. That's because it's got a key advantage over Silicon Valley: Amex already is in people's wallets."

Companies that are looking to upgrade credit card processing software now have more to consider as mobile devices make a greater push into the payment landscape.

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