Mobile POS industry drastically improves restaurant efficiency

Many companies are starting to get onboard when it comes to deploying a mobile point of sale solution and the cloud-based networking and software that is needed to improve overall operations. However, come sectors have adopted quicker than others.

According to a recent article from Business Solutions, restaurants have been a leading adopter of mobile POS solutions and cloud-based systems. The piece found that 28 percent of restaurants have gone mobile, and of those that have not deployed it yet, 70 percent have made it a top priority for the future.

"Restaurant owners understand mobile POS systems have tangible impacts on restaurant revenue and intangible, positive impacts on the customer experience," the article reads. "When owners are intimately familiar with restaurant profit margins being in the 3 to 4 percent range —  and the intangibles are what  make or break a restaurant — it's no surprise experienced restaurateurs have a keen sense for anything that can positively impact revenue and customer experience. A mobile POS delivers both."

The article goes on to examine several ways the industry has been able to improve overall operations through the use of a mobile POS system.

First is the different ways that organizations can improve the customer experience. First, organizations are able to speed up several processes. With a tablet in hand, wait staff can improve input orders direct to the kitchen while they are being received. When it comes time for the check, the associate can pull it up and customers can pay right then.

This also helps improve how waiters and waitresses interact with customers. An iPad can easily hold more information than standard paper menus. This means staff can more easily answer patron questions, without needing to leave the table. On top of that, important information like the specials, drink pairings, price changes and any menu items that are out-of-stock can be updated in real-time and related seamlessly to customers.

It is important to note that tablets can hold more than one application. Aside from making payments and placing orders, there are countless other programs that a business can deploy in order to improve operations. This could mean a way to connect with the valet, track staff or update the seating chart.

Many of these benefits are experienced by companies in all sectors, not just the restaurant industry. With the help of a company that understands the importance of cloud systems and payment processing software, any company can improve overall operations and the customer experience.

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