Mobile POS to grow 95 percent on 2014

In the current day and age, wanting to pay and being greeted by an employee wielding a tablet or smartphone instead of a traditional cash register, is not all that surprising. In fact, there are many smaller companies that rely solely on these mobile versions of the point of sale system and the technology is expanding.

According to a new study released by IHL Group, a Franklin, Tennessee-based retail market research firm, shipments of mobile point of sale devices are expected to grow more than 95 percent worldwide and will surpass 108 percent in North America in 2014.

"The move to Mobile POS in certain segments is radically changing the face of retail and hospitality, particularly mall-based retailers," Greg Buzek, President of IHL Group, said in the release. "The number of devices used by Department Stores, Apparel and Shoe stores in particular will nearly triple this year."

Buzek added that mobile POS systems started as a phenomenon for smaller retailers and have now spread to larger companies. This move started with the Square reader, which provided a simple way for users to accept credit cards on a tablet. However, with Windows being the dominant software solution, an integrated version that works with both mobile and stationary hardware is needed.

This is where cloud-based POS solutions have come into play. Not only are users able to access the platform on a wide array of hardware systems, but it also helps improve reporting across the board. This integrates all point of sale credit card processing and inventory tracking into a single solution.

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