Mobility to impact the current and future of POS software

When you talk about mobile devices in the enterprise, many look at how it is impacting communication and operations. It is not uncommon to see an employee sending email or instant messaging with co-workers or clients from a smartphone or managing a specific task through an application on a tablet.

An article from Forbes examined several ways that mobility is impacting the business landscape. Hot topics like bring-your-own-device security, evolving mobile applications and new marketing strategies were touched on.

However, there were other parts of business, like point of sale solutions, that will also be impacted. This will happen from both a consumer and business viewpoint.

First is the possibility of the mobile wallet. With smartphones growing in popularity, being able to tap a device at the case register and make a payment has yet to fully take off. Apple has been reluctant to add the technology to the iPhone and other platforms do not have the power to push a system like this to the next level. However, systems like PayPal are starting to get involved with brick-and-mortar locations and Apple's iBeacon solution has the ability to be used at a cash register.

Second is adding tablets to the tool kit of employees walking around the floor. This not only provides associates with the ability to take payments from anywhere in the store and reduce lines, but it also helps answer customer questions more quickly. Imagine being asking any employee if a particular item came in different sizes or models and that worker was able to pull out a tablet, looking it up and know what was available in the store and at other locations.

"Mobile POS systems have also allowed small businesses to set up state-of-the-art cashiering systems at a minimal charge," the article reads. "In 2014, consumers will see more of this in-store use, as well as inventive technology to reach out to customers as they enter a store. Customers who opt in may begin to see special offers pushed to their smartphones as they near a favorite store, enticing them to stop by."

For these mobile solutions to be effective, however, companies need start thinking about a adding cloud-based credit card processing software and other systems. You can have the bets tablet on the market, but if the POS software is lacking, the solution is bound to fail.

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