More bank credit card payments being made on time now

This blog has mentioned the ongoing trend of credit card payments to be on time and not result in fines or other consequences. As previously stated, retail stores and other locations equipped with POS credit card processing might be able to look forward to confident spending in light of this news, even though this trend seems to suggest fewer or more strategic purchases. 

More specific information on this development has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, as the U.S. has apparently not just seen more punctual payments, but the best in 23 years. The American Banker's Association provided the source with the information needed to put these developments into a greater context. This March reportedly saw the number of overdue payments for bank-issued cards drop to just above 2.4 percent.

Though the Journal suggests that this trend could reverse once bankers and consumers regain to trust in the economy, in the meantime this statistic remains significant. James Chessen of the ABA emphasized the financial characteristics behind this pattern.

"Consumers brought debt levels down as their incomes and wealth has risen," Chessen said in a statement from the organization. "That put them in a better financial position to meet their obligations."

Bank-issued loans are also being paid more regularly, the source reported, another important factor in the overall strength of the economy.

Employ card processing software if your company is interested in accepting greater business, and you may find yourself drawing the attention of consumers who are not only interested in what you have to offer, but capable of making reliable payments for it.

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