More businesses abandon ‘cash only’ practices

There has been a very clear divide when it comes to the way merchants handle payments. Some retailers are more than ready to roll out all of the latest options like cloud-based payment solutions or mobile devices, while others remain cash only with no chances of upgrading. While both sides have benefits to the merchant, what consumers favor will ultimately make the decision for businesses much easier.

A recent article from NBC News Business featured interviews with several company owners from both sides. One of the more interesting conversations involved a small coffee shop that that had been cash only until it became clear through Yelp that 75 percent of their negative reviews were because they didn't accept credit cards.

It hurt for two reasons. One, people were heading to competing chains and two, those who did come in did not have enough money for bigger purchases like $17 bags of coffee and $75 bean grinders.

"I don't understand the small businesses that don't take cards," Jason Richelson, a former grocery and wine store owner in Brooklyn who founded ShopKeep POS, a purveyor of cloud-based point-of-sale software, told the news source. "In my opinion, as a grocery and a wine store owner, if you don't take credit cards, you suffer—you could be increasing your sales 20 percent and you're going to make your customers happier."

Making the decision to handle credit card processing can be challenging for any merchant. That is where a retail payment solution provider can become a valuable resource for any business.

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