More businesses adopting cloud POS systems

Mobility and the cloud are two of the biggest technology trends in the business world. Companies in every sector are embracing them in different ways. It is becoming all too common to find organizations replacing dated infrastructure with a cloud-based server or to find employees accessing critical data with a smartphone or tablet.

In the retail sector, these technologies are impacting operations in several ways, through the most popular is through the POS system. When you look at the point of sale tech over the last few years, the biggest trends have been mobile devices and online shopping. Now, through the cloud, these technologies are being pushed together more effectively than ever.

A recent article from DazeInfo examines this trend more closely.

"They are extremely popular with retail and hospitality sectors and have made their way into eCommerce businesses as well," the article reads. "Having the ability to manage your business on the go with access to real-time sales reporting and inventory control information."

The piece continues to say that one of the biggest reasons that organizations are making the shift is because of cost. The cloud can be cheaper to operate than a traditional POS solution. There can be minimal upfront costs, cheaper operational fees and it can be deployed while an existing system in still in use, meaning no downtime. Once it is up and running, companies are able to access information 24/7/365.

The cloud can also be the best way to bring an omni-channel approach under a single umbrella. It is possible, for example, to make sure that inventory is tracked so that whether a purchase is made through a mobile application, online or in the brick-and-mortar it is updated in real-time. This also makes it easier for companies to add mobile devices as POS terminals or take operations on the road to a convention or community market.

More advanced systems can also be the backbone of a customer loyalty program. With information from multiple channels being tracked, organizations can get better insight into their operations by better understanding their customers.

The article ends by making a prediction that in the next three to five years, a majority of traditional POS solutions will be replaced with cloud-based and mobile systems. Whether companies are upgrading solely for POS payment processing or for more in-depth consumer data, by partnering with an experienced solution provider any retailers can make this upgrade quickly and easily.

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