More merchants have access to credit card processing

For every business, having a functional, reliable and secure point of sale system should be a top priority. A POS terminal will be where all company revenue is brought in, so an issue with the solution can stop cash flow and cripple any company. However, with cash, check, credit, debit and now mobile options, the point of sale terminal is getting more complicated and merchants need to make smart decisions.

For instance, credit card processing has taken some interesting turns over the last few years. There was a stigma that smaller companies have extra hurdles to get past when it comes to handling credit cards. That is no longer the case and a recent article from Resource Nation examined the ways that small businesses can incorporate plastic.

"It wasn't so long ago that small businesses struggled to process credit and debit cards like large corporations," the article reads. "Merchant services, as they're known, came with costly hardware, rates were frequently volume based and reserve accounts often tied up valuable cash needed to run smaller operations. Today, there are many different payment platforms for small businesses and each offers solutions that run on multiple devices and offer competitive rates."

The piece goes on to talk about third party hardware like Square and Intuit GoPayment that allows companies to more easily process credit cards. However, for this system to be successful, companies need to ensure they have secure software and back-end solutions in place. Regardless of how top-notch a system may be, if the data is not secure, it means nothing.

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