Multiple hotel chains possibly impacted by new POS terminal case

A "Payment Card Security Incident" has prompted action from a hotel group. HEI Hotels & Resorts is reaching out to customers after a breach reportedly left customer data at these locations vulnerable. The incident affected 20 properties across the country, including Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton and Westin brand locations. These buildings were located in areas as diverse as California, Florida and Minnesota.

In a related FAQ on this incident, the source said that attackers "gained unauthorized access" to the company's systems. It also stated that the hack may have revealed "some payment data" and that the company has addressed its payment card processors as part of its remedy plan.

This accessed data could include names, account numbers, card numbers and verification codes for both credit and debit card users. the company specifically said that it does not collect Social Security Numbers or Debit Card PINs, so these identifiers are not at risk. 

"Upon learning of a possible incident, we promptly notified law enforcement and financial institutions, and engaged an outside forensic expert to conduct an investigation of the incident," the statement said. "We also transitioned payment card processing to a stand-alone system that is completely separated from the rest of our network."

In addition to this case, Krebs on Security recently mentioned a Kimpton Hotels breach affecting several locations. In response to this threat, the company encouraged its customers to report unauthorized payment card activities on payment cards.

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