New study shows why companies upgrade POS systems

All across the retail landscape, companies are looking into different ways to improve their operations through the use of an upgraded POS. These systems are the backbone of nearly every company and having a solution in place that meets the specific needs of a company, while also pushing it to a new level, is crucial.

For the third consecutive year, Vertical Systems Reseller has released its "State of the POS Market Study" for 2014. It includes an in-depth analysis of the point of sale market across a number of different verticals. One of the more interesting parts of the study is looking at the main reasons why retailers are seeking to upgrade their POS solutions.

In the latest report, the two top reasons are PCI compliance (53 percent) and adding mobile technology (49 percent).

PCI compliance is a continuous struggle, as companies are facing an ever evolving number of ways that hackers can get into a POS system and access consumer and payment information. In the study, big box retailers, department stores and larger companies that have a sufficient IT staff ranked PCI compliance benefits especially high. Despite this, the top rankings for PCI compliance show that while not every company ranks it number one, enough know how important it is.

Mobility is at the top for a different reason. Unlike security, which has been a struggle for as long as the cash register has been in existence, mobility is the new kid on the block. It has become a major trend in recent years, but traditional POS systems are not designed to handle this kind of system. This is why organizations need to upgrade.

With the help of a service provider that specializes in new POS systems and card processing software, any retailer will be able to find a new solution.

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