New York ski resort suffers data breach that lasted eight months

A western New York ski resort recently announced that it suffered a data breach and that patrons' credit cards may have been compromised. 

Representatives of the Holiday Valley Resort in Ellicottvil​le reported a "criminal attack," according to local news, one that lasted just shy of eight months from October 17, 2014 through June 2. Cards used for purchases of food, recreation, retail and lodging were affected.

At this time, only 60 cards have been identified as being compromised, but with over half a million visits to the resort during the winter ski season, it is unsure at this point the full extent of the damage.

"You know in the grand scheme of things we are not that big so you wouldn't think that someone would take the time and the effort to perpetrate something like this against us," Richard Sandler, General Manager of the Tamarack Club at Holiday Valley Resort, told the local news.

Sandler's remarks are an example of a common sentiment among small business owners: that their size allows them to fly under the radar of hackers. Unfortunately, with major businesses adding security measures in the wake of attacks at Target and Home Depot, smaller business have increasingly been targeted. 

The resort told local news that this is the first time its network has been breached. Hackers were able to install malware on point of sale systems and access credit and debit card numbers, customer names, expiration dates and the three digit security number on the back of the card. Debit PIN numbers were not affected, according to reports.

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